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    1. Sally Silvers - Counselling & Psychotherapy

      ONLINE COUNSELLING. online network


      I now offer online counselling from a secure platform.

      Contact Sally for information

      Email Sally: [email protected]
      Mobile: +447712667925

      Online Counselling offers you helpful, alternative ways of meeting with me to develop ways of thinking and behaving which in turn will positively impact how you feel.

      Online counselling can be helpful for those moments when you don't know what to do to move in the direction you desire or perhaps when you wish to develop insight about a situation you find yourself in and wish to acquire helpful strategies.


      I offer a secure online therapy platform.

      What You Get
      * A Daily Chat Monday to Friday
      * 30 minutes video or phone chat every week
      * Online Worksheets

      What Does It Cost
      £50 per week

      When Can I Cancel
      You can cancel at any time

      How It Works

      Online Therapy – Start Getting Happier Today is an online therapy program that consists of eight sections for you to work through, with me, Sally, your online therapist.

      We will cover many of the areas that are making you feel like your problem is an immovable mountain. With the step-by-step tools and advice that I offer, you will soon start to realize that some things in life really aren’t so bad. Whether you’re suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, depression, insomnia etc., this online therapy experience will help you to identify what’s keeping you from living the life you want to live. Most importantly, it will give you the tools and the support you need to start living a better, happier life.

      Each section is like a chapter in an interactive, online book. It is comprised of both reading material and practical hands-on tools like the worksheets.

      Take That First Step - Contact Sally Now - [email protected]

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